Bacharach Monoxer II

Bacharach Monoxer II

The Monoxor® II is a commercial-grade portable instrument designed to display concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) gas between 0 and 2000 ppm. This instrument shows the presence of CO in a gas sample by drawing the sample into its sensor chamber by a built-in motorized pump.

Part #0019-7034 comes with a probe.

Part #0019-7039 comes without a probe (All non-probe related functions remain the
same in this instruction).

Other features and accessories of the Monoxor II include: A large, back-lit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which allows the display to be read in any lighting condition from direct sun-light to total
darkness; a semi-detachable elastic strap that permits the instrument to be either hand held, or hung on nearby objects; a rigid stainless steel probe with handle,
connected to a fl exible hose that allows gas samples to be taken from cramped
and confi ned areas (alternate probes and condensate traps may be used).

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