Denso FB 30 Tape

Denso FB 30 Tape

Denso FB 30 Tape is a butyl rubber adhesive tape with a polyester fabric backing. The tape can be top coated with Protal Liquid Coatings.
Used as an outer coating to Denso Petrolatum Tapes or applied directly to
steel surfaces. The tape is used in conjunction with the Denso Tank Base
Protection System.
• Excellent adhesion
• Aggressive Grip
• Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness
• Easily applied with no special equipment
• Compatible with most coatings
• Cold applied
• Stays Flexible
• Easy and fast application
• Fabric backing allows for top coating

For Direct to Steel: Prepare surfaces by removing all loose scale, rust or
other foreign matter by grit blasting or wire brush. Surface must be clean, dry
and free of grease. Apply thin fi lm of Denso Butyl Primer to all surfaces to be
wrapped and allow to dry. Peel back interleaving and apply adhesive side of the
tape to the surface and press down. Apply the tape spirally with enough tension
to make it conform. Remove interleaving as wrapping proceeds. Overlap each
turn by at least 1" or 55% to achieve double thickness.

For Tank Base Protection System: Apply fi rst layer of Denso FB 30 Tape
starting at a minimum of ½" (12.5 mm) below the Denso Hi-Tack Tape. The tape
shall be adhered to the concrete base and proceed circumferentially around the
concrete and tank base. The next layer shall be applied with a minimum of a
1" (25 mm) overlap onto the first layer of Denso FB 30 Tape. The second layer
shall be applied on the tank base proceeding up the tank wall with a minimum
½" (12.5 mm) above the Denso Hi-Tack Tape to adhere to the steel tank wall.
The third layer maybe required if the second layer does no adhere directly to the
tank wall.

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