Goodman Peden--Stopper

Goodman Peden--Stopper

In the GOODMAN-PEDEN STOPPER the flexible frame, padding, covering and diaphragm of the Goodman Stopper remain in principle, but the handles have been discarded. In their stead, a new arrangement in construction makes it possible to operate the Stopper mechanically, rather than by the experience and skill of the workman. Made in standard sizes. Special sizes to order.

For 2-inch Stopper 3/4 -inch Hole
For 3-inch Stopper 1 -inch Hole
For 4-inch Stopper 1-1/4 -inch Hole
For 5-inch Stopper 1-1/4 -inch Hole
For 6-inch Stopper 1-1/2 -inch Hole
For 7-inch Stopper 1-1/2 -inch Hole
For 8-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 9-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 10-inch Stopper 2 -inch Hole
For 12-inch Stopper 2-1/2 -inch Hole
For 14-inch Stopper 2-1/2 -inch Hole
For 15-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 16-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 18-inch Stopper 3 -inch Hole
For 20-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 22-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 24-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 30-inch Stopper 4 -inch Hole
For 36-inch Stopper 5 -inch Hole
For 42-inch Stopper 5 -inch Hole
For 48-inch Stopper 6 -inch Hole

Gas Main Line Pressure must NOT exceed 12 in. W.C.

ALWAYS use two stoppers in series with a vent pipe between them.

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