The MX-3 is the first model in the MX line with the abiltiy to field calibrate on the fly. This model offers extreme flexibility and accuracy to calibrate to a variety of materials instantly. Simply tell the MX-3 one known thickness point located on the test material, and the MX-3 will calculate the material type for you. The MX-3 is also equipped with a two point calibration option, providing the user with extreme accuracy. Another special feature of the MX-3 is the high speed scan mode. In this mode, the MX-3 takes 16 readings per second rather than 4 readings per second in standard measurement mode. The readings are viewable while scanning. Simply remove the transducer from the area being tested and the MX-3 will display the minimum thickness in the area scanned. An optional underwater enclosure kit (UMX) for MX-3 is also available.


Multi-mode Ultrasonic thickness gauge, includes transducer, couplant, plastic case, AA batteries, certificate

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