T.D. Williamson--Cathodic Protection Equipment

T.D. Williamson--Cathodic Protection Equipment

Engineered For Corrosion Prevention and Corrosion Control!

Need casing around your pipeline for a bridge crossing? Or below a railroad crossing or a highway? Provide cathodic protection to the pipe by installing TDW’s M-2 Plastic THINSULATOR® pipe insulator between the pipe and casing walls. This will assure no metal-to-metal contact, eliminating corrosion caused by electrochemical activity.

Finish the job with our three-way cradle or concentric support cradle at the casing ends to center the pipe in the casing, followed by our Z-SEAL™ Casing Seal or U-SEAL™ Casing Seal to moisture-proof the inside of the cradle.

Products Include:

Insulators and Casing Cradles Standard Centering Cradles are used to center the pipe in the end of the casing, making it easy to install TDW Z-SEAL™ Casing Seal.

M-2 Plastic THINSULATOR® - A high-density, polyethylene product, injection molded to provide low cost insulators of highest quality. This high-density polyethylene gives the M-2 such strength that it is made more compact than other insulators.

U-Seal and Z-Seal -  Allows maximum flexibility for carrier pipe movement and concentric installations. The seal is held firmly in place by stainless steel bands and clamps. It comes in sizes 2" (50 mm) and larger.

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